One of many videos I shot and edited for 12 Kinds of Kindness, in which two self-centered New Yorkers created a series of 12 steps as a way to become kinder, more empathetic people. You can view more of the videos here

I produced, co-shot, and edited this video for Sotheby's: a look inside the art-filled apartment of eBay’s chief curator and editorial director, Michael Phillips Moskowitz. Originally posted here.

Another "Behind the Collector" video I produced, co-shot, and edited for Sotheby's, featuring Ryan Korban, an interior designer who has worked with clients such as Alexander Wang and Jessica Stam.

I shot this video for Taste Talks Brooklyn, with Max Sussman (The Cleveland) and Eli Sussman (Mile End Deli) cooking together in this chef collaboration. 

This is a short video I shot and co-edited for The New Yorker's "Making Money" series about how the comedian Nore Davis makes a living. Full post here.

I produced, shot and edited a series of videos for Ellen Lubin-Sherman, author of The Essentials of Fabulous


I shot and edited this behind-the-scenes video about ELOQUII'S most popular item, the Kady pant.

Brooklyn stories from everyone’s favorite classifieds site. A video story I co-produced, shot, and edited. Full post here.

A Kickstarter video I produced, shot, and edited for Mary Review - a magazine by women and for everyone. Originally posted here.

A wildly successful Kickstarter video I shot and edited for Brian Foo's latest project. 

A short trailer I edited for the new plus-size fashion line ELOQUII. Original post here

I edited a series of videos about robotics workshops at  New York's Little Red Summer Camp.

I edited this trailer for BAM's Next Wave Festival.

Breading Between the Lines is the talk show where books and sandwiches collide.  I directed and edited the first episode. 


Another LREI Robotics Workshop video. 

New Yorker writer D.T. Max describes an infamous match between Norwegian chess star Magnus Carlsen and Vladimir Kramnik at the London Chess Classic. I co-produced and edited this video.